MIRAGE is a modular, fully scalable aggregating engine, which consolidates and maintains a repository of data from various data sources and provides comprehensive MIS reports at an organizational level. It incorporates a more precise aggregation and calculation model with an extensive reporting functionality.

MIRAGE acts as a framework for data aggregation and comprehensive reporting and thus could be customized for Wealth Management firms as a Revenue aggregation tool.



It ensures scalability, interoperability, data integrity, easy maintenance, and reliability

Easy to use GUI provides immediate visual feedback about the effect of every action.

Defined Interfaces for upstream and downstream data from various applications

Data processing & calculation logic based on the pre-programmed algorithms

Stores data at various levels

Extensive multi-dimensional reports for quick and accurate decisions


  • Enables to automate the process of Production credit calculation
  • Enables to incorporate various adjustments during calculations
  • Equips the decision-makers to take quick and informed decisions
  • Acts as a centralized data storage system for providing information to group systems
  • Ensures that the incoming information is timely, consistent, complete and in the expected format
  • Ensures improved productivity through user-centric application and easy-to-use interface

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