Accounting & Finance

One of the tedious and time consuming work is managing daily financial and accounting operations. Automating Finance department in your organization relieves your teams from having to constantly stay on top of company finances and shifts their focus on working towards your financial objectives and plan.

You could also evaluate your short- and long-term investments, communicate the financial risks and other issues to your boards or investors. This helps in aligning business strategy to grow your company profit.


Use Cases

  • Fast, accurate P&L reports with RPA


    To submit daily P&L reports, which consist of more than a dozen individual reports or metrics sheets. To import a number of General Ledger reports into Excel spread- sheets or legacy systems in order to create a larger scope P&L report was tedious. Then, the compiled reports are then manually edited and combined for submission to the front office which was difficult to handle.


    Software robot can be triggered to automatically populate the report data, validate it and generate the final report—without any manual intervention. The robot can then email these reports to the front office, allowing them to be reviewed before they are uploaded into the head office web application.

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