RoPaaS Robotics Platform as a Service

Pay-as- you-use  Bot service

KGISL RoPaaS service allows enterprises to scale up automation without Capex and leverage the benefits of the pay-as-you- use model. Through this outcome–based payment model, enterprises pay only for the business results that they benefit out of our implementation of bot services. This model is a testament to our commitment to providing quality solutions that bring business results to our clients.

In Robots as a Service model, KGISL’s Intelligent Automation CoE undertakes end-to-end ownership including bot development, operation, governance and support. KGISL offers RoPaaS in a cloud-based or on-premises robotic process automation service, bringing in the flexibility of automation usage as and when needed, upgrade or downgrade according to specific requirements and automate processes with a minimal infrastructure as compared to traditional robotics implementation.


On cloud + on-premises model


KGISL RoPaaS gets you unprecedented benefits from day 1

Zero Upfront Cost

No CAPEX involved, pay as you go, operational expenditure mode

On-Demand RPA bot

Scale-up and down based on need

Risk of Success

With the outcome based-model, the risk of implementation success is covered by KGISL

Trusted, Compliant & Secure platform

100% compliance with regulations, security standards with a secure platform that allows


Backed by expert and certified Robotic Process Automation COE team

Unlock the benefit of automation without CAPEX! Write to the experts to know how your organisation can benefit.

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