Oracle Human Capital Management

Global Human Resource Cloud

Oracle Human Resources Cloud delivers a unified global human resources solution to manage complete Global, Local and Industry HR processes, engage your workforce, optimize your organization and deploy simple HR processes. Some of its product features cover HR, work life solutions, HR help desk, workforce directory, strategic workforce planning, workforce modeling, workforce predictions, Advanced Human Capital Management Controls, payroll, benefits and workforce health and safety incidents


Oracle Talent Management Cloud reduces time to hire talent, drives employee engagement by making them more productive and strategic at the workplace with high-impact employee career development plans. Product features provide recruitment marketing to take care of the recruitment cycle besides talent nurturing and continuous learning scope for career and succession plans, modernizes performance management and compensation management.

Talent Management Cloud

Workforce Management Cloud

Oracle Workforce Management Cloud accurately captures time for all employees, manages time on an exception basis, controls labour costs and minimizes compliance risks. With this product, you can proactively manage time and labour, enhance absence management, project management and expense management


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