Automation Maintenance & Support Service


Automation is on the rise and organizations are devising short term and long-term automation goals as their digital roadmap. Like any system, RPA also needs periodic maintenance and support involved to keep it running efficiently. A proper maintenance improves the overall quality of automation through regularized updates that automated process or a robot can require.

KGiSL’s maintenance and support for automation eliminates your manpower involvement to maintain the robots. Our maintenance and support services can be tailored to your specific needs through ongoing support and managed services. Our expert automation consultants are always on the foot for a varied level of management, maintenance and support for robots.

Our support methodology

Analyse and Prepare

Knowledge Transfer

Perform support activity

Sustain and improve

KGiSL has a flexible and on need basis automation maintenance and support models

Shared Support (Offshore)

Our offshore based shared automation support service is the cost-effective approach that can be opted to keep up with your automation implementation and the robots involved in it. The service covers L2 and L3 level support covering bug fixes, enhancements, change requests and regular monitoring as required.

Dedicated Support (Offshore)

Our offshore yet dedicated automation support service is the most preferred and recommended service model available for your automation environment. The dedicated team is responsible for all your automation related enhancements, development and support queries. Our consultants are experts when it comes to automation and the best of the support is guaranteed to speed up your automation goal achievements.

Onsite Support

Our onsite automation support is the best fit to setup and maintain your business-critical automation environment. When automation becomes the most critical and scalable technology for your business growth, it is imperative to analyse, develop and implement automation across the organization.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Our annual maintenance package for your software robots keep you more confident about your existing and to be set up automation environment. Your software robots get regular monitoring and updates as and when required. The package covers a year-round support for your automated processes and the robots are kept up to date for better performance, accuracy and effectiveness. Any critical issues like errors, bugs and security flaws are addressed and fixed immediately when received while keeping you on top of the maintenance objectives.


Our automation maintenance & support services include

  • Robots administration and troubleshooting
  • Automation ecosystem system management
  • Monitoring and scheduled reporting of bots
  • Scheduled maintenance and support
  • Performance and version upgrades

Our maintenance and support services can deliver

Ensured Business as Usual (BAU)

Continuous improvements for performance, accuracy & effectiveness

Shorter TAT on updates, bug fixes and security patch updates

Better control over your automation ecosystem

Proactive maintenance and measures

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