Accounts Payable

Accounts payable (AP) process has been challenging due to use of various technologies like ERP, OCR, and EDI document management and e-invoices. Robots are not only making the accounts payable processes more efficient but also increase the quality and effectiveness. It also help to meet increasing compliance requirements at your organization.



Reduced error


Improved compliance


Improved efficiency


Cost savings

Use Cases

  • Invoice Processing


    To process supplier invoices through the system requires large number of manual interventions, in terms of reading, validating, registering and posting invoices.


    Automation can be implemented which processes approximately 2,000 supplier invoices every day. With automation, the manufacturer can manage and almost completely eliminate human intervention in the AP process. The robot logs into the necessary systems and can read the invoice image, register the invoice in SAP, perform all the necessary validation, including cross-checking against other systems, and decide whether to post, park or block the invoice.

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