Claims Processing Automation

There is no doubt that claims processing is the core of insurance business. As claims environment involves layers of administrative, managerial, and customer service functions, marked by information intensive manual tasks and problematic document formats, speed and accuracy are the two factors that plays major roles.

The automation of claims processing makes it easy to implement changes in the processes at ease to increase the efficiencies of the operations.


Unified integration

accuracy and speed

Increased efficiency
Easy to upscale and downscale

Use Cases

  • End-end claims processing


    Traditional claims processing depends heavily on manual labor. This makes the process increasingly inconsistent and prone to errors. Also as insurance companies involve more legacy application, it does not interface well with newer system and up-to-date solutions.


    The bot can provide end-to-end claims processing. Robots can seamlessly integrate different systems and software, including CRM, ERP, Helpdesk, Claim Application Software, and more. The bots can eliminate the margin of human error of manual data entry and speed up processing by streamlining work distribution. Also this can increase efficiency and up scaling or downscaling operations can be done in an instant.

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