Health care

The healthcare providers are highly challenged with managing the patient files, scheduling appointments, and processing billing and claims as there is rise on the number of patients every year.

While healthcare industry is predicted to have a 36% automation potential, the healthcare providers rely on RPA for enhancing their efficiency. This means 75% of tasks could be automated including managerial and back-office functions thereby providing the patients a better service at low-cost and minimal time.



Streamlined front-office support


Enhanced data confidentiality


Superior system compatibility


Better cost management

Use Cases

  • Compliant Extraction of Millions of Records


    To extract valuable insights from patient charts and electronic medical records (EMRs) and help clients successfully manage clinical and financial risk.


    The bot can enable clients to grow its customer base without adding document extraction employees, while it can successfully extract over millions of patient records for its clients.

  • Data Reconciliation for Government Health Schemes


    To process large volumes of patient transactions while ensuring the accuracy and security of documents.


    The bot automatically can record customer details for claims processing and reconciliation of data for government health schemes with a high level of accuracy and efficiency.

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