Today, health of any business lies with its people. The happier the employees are, the more is the quality of service delivered to your customers.

Helping to remove paperwork from the HR teams’ workloads gives them the facility to focus on improving what really matters. They can emphasis on the full employee lifecycle like onboarding, training and development, promotion opportunities, and off boarding. By providing a world-class employee experience, you can drive your business forward through reduced attrition, greater profitability, and stronger customer relationships.


Cost Effective
Consistency and Accuracy
Increased Productivity
Streamline every HR process

Use Cases

  • Automating payroll mutations


    To automate a back office process with huge volume of data per month, with less resource and turnaround time involving number of departments in the process which uses 2 applications on desktop. The process had 10% of exceptions to the main casuistry.


    Automation for the back office process could reduce manual efforts by half. The robot can handle payroll changes received via e-mail from the customers and automatically enter them into the SAP system.

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