The business practices in the global supply chain and logistics industry are extremely dependent on back-office operations such as updating customer details along with delivery schedule, current load status and ETA, or tracking a trailer. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help this industry’s core business processes to be less tedious and avoid repetitive tasks. This increases the process and operational efficiency.


Use Cases

  • Shipment Scheduling & Tracking


    Scheduling, updating and reporting shipment status between internal systems and portals is quite a manual job—and the price paid is often in the customer experience. Client wanted to automate the tracking of shipment status and sending email notifications of the same.


    The bot can access tracking system to identify the status of the shipment and notified the pickup partners through email. In case of expected delays, notification emails were triggered by the bot. Rescheduling request received through the system are also tracked and appropriately notified via email alerts.

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