Manufacturing industries are experiencing continuous pressure to stay competitive in the global market by reducing costs and enhancing overall effectiveness. When replacing equipment and systems is way expensive, industries have to find a way to modernize and simplify their existing set-up and processes.

Manufacturing automation leads to innovation and modernized operations organization-wide. From supply chain management to quality maintenance, RPA will improve visibility and accountability across your company and enriches efficiency.



Accurate Auditing


Customer Experience Improvement


Payroll and HR Efficiencies


Faster Order Processing

Use Cases

  • Inventory Management


    To automate the process of storing and retrieving research data for reference and report generation. Technical process knowledge about products remained dispersed across multiple SharePoint sites and File Shares, an estimated 20,000 unique assets, comprising almost two million documents. Each product could have up to 15,000 relevant documents and these were required to be fed into the Inventory Management system.


    The bot can access the product documents and extract the relevant. Retrieved data can be fed into the Inventory Management system. Timely reports can be generated to keep the team updated on the recent stock list. Bot can also categorize multiple products and maps them into the management system appropriately based on the internal mapping database.

  • Joint Venture Production


    To automate, joint venture (JV) production accounting change process, which involves high volumes of (add, delete & change). RPA was expected to provide the opportunity to automate the purchase order (PO)-generation process in support of JV arrangements. Operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, RPA can accelerate cycle times by improving throughput and accuracy. In addition, once a process has been defined as a series of instructions that a bot can execute, it can scale rapidly. Finally, automating traditionally manual and repetitive JV-related accounting tasks frees-up finance department resources to focus on value-added activities


    The automation solution comprises of Account entry, intelligence enabled in read the data from excel and mail for converting into standard format. Robot can be assigned for Data extraction, data entry, data validation & comparison, uploads, delete and change the file and produce the output report with appropriate status.

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