A global loyalty and benefits company achieving project success with KGiSL ODC services.

What our customer encountered?

Our client, a UK-based global loyalty specialist, urgently required experts to rapidly expand their development team. They encountered challenges in: 

  • Identifying precise skill set matches. 
  • Extending timelines for talent acquisition. 
  • Lengthy onboarding procedures. 
  • Necessity for resource relocation. 

The challenges resulted in:

  • Delayed project timelines. 
  • Increased recruitment costs. 
  • Potential disruptions in project execution. 
  • Additional resource management complexities. 

What our customer needed?

The client envisioned having convenient access to both in-house and extended resource pools, allowing them to seamlessly expand their team in accordance with business needs. Also, needed a structured and professional project management practice that could expedite their development initiatives and successfully achieve their project objectives. 

The Solution

Coupled with proven methodologies and a successful track record in establishing ODCs and development centers for multinational corporations, KGiSL offered an optimal solution by swiftly deploying internal employees and sourcing engineers from the market to align with the client’s requirements within a short timeframe with a competitive rate card. 

What we delivered?


Timely provision of 28 highly skilled candidates to promptly address the client’s evolving business needs. 


Ensured the maintenance of an appropriate bench strength thereby offering business continuity and flexibility. 

Benefits to the customers


Easy ramp-up and ramp-down of resources 


Access to seasoned professionals of high quality. 


Reduced resource onboarding time 

70% Reduction in cost 


Availability of backup resource pool 


Highly reliable ODC infrastructure 


Enhanced technical support from the Center of Excellence 


Continuous upskilling of certified professionals through structured training 


Access to expert engineers with ZERO recruitment cost

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