AI-Powered HR assistant elevates talent management and employee engagement 

What our customer encountered?

Our customer faced challenges in their HR department, including: 

  • Deciphering and breaking down diverse HR policies.  
  • Integrating with multiple backend CRM systems for various services.  
  • Validating user information and managing authentication across services. 
  • Adding customized functionalities for different teams with unique specifications. 
  • Developing a comprehensive HR dashboard for insights.  

The challenges resulted in:

  • Outdated methods led to employee disengagement and unheard needs and experiences. 
  • Lack of statistics on HR communication engagement with employees. 
  • Absence of sentiment analysis on HR queries, hindering understanding of employee emotions. 
  • No centralized repository for HR queries, challenging efficient management, and insights. 
  • Surveys conducted did not generate actionable insights. 

What our customer needed?

The customer required a centralized system to monitor and comprehend employee queries about multiple policies, as well as serve as a one-stop solution for various other HR-related services. 

The Solution

Converse.CX, the intelligent HR conversational AI, a unified platform powered by machine learning had been introduced into their process. Armed with NLP-driven search, it made policies readily understandable, while a centralized ticketing system across CRMs simplified issue resolution. The platform fostered employee connection through personalized communication and empowered teams with customized features, enhancing morale and workflow efficiency. Using advanced analytics, it unveiled valuable insights into employee sentiment, guiding data-driven decisions. 

What we delivered?


A centralized ticketing system with self-service options for ticket creation and tracking. 


Policy-related inquiries were recognized and addressed with trained policy documents.


Automated the employee information validation with just a few clicks. 


Facilitated direct and clear communication between HR and employees. 


Effortless attendance recording for employees clocking in and out, facilitated by the Conversational AI. 

Benefits to the customers

Faster issue resolution

Employee queries were promptly resolved or escalated to the next level. 

HR-freed for complex issues

Employee self-service for simple queries. 

Direct communication

Everyone is informed, connected, and heard. 

Data-driven decisions

Boosted morale and satisfaction through sentiment analysis.

One-stop HR hub

Tailored workflows & functionalities built around each team’s unique needs. 

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