Use casesBank guarantee vetting

Automate and accelerate the guarantee process in real-time. Evaluating, qualifying, and eliminating the unqualified ones are made easy in the vetting process.


Manual Processing of intricate documents results in delays and bottleneck

The Bank encountered the daily challenge of processing multiple intricate bank guarantee documents with distinct formats and inaccurate information that resulted in delays. Each document required a manual review, which consumed up to four hours, and the entire processing procedure, including modifications, took 1-2 days. Consequently, the Bank faced a bottleneck, which impacted its ability to meet customer demands promptly. In addition, ensuring accuracy and compliance further complicated the process.


The bank implemented, an intelligent document processing system to automate and streamline its bank guarantee vetting process.

  • utilizes advanced data extraction and classification techniques to precisely parse information from intricate documents with high accuracy and speed. The system also detects inconsistencies and errors in the extracted data and automatically flags them for manual review.
  • The system employs sophisticated AI and ML algorithms to identify atypical patterns or anomalies in data and performs a comparison of suspect documents to detect possible matches with fraudulent content.
  • The IDP solution is capable of processing a large volume of documents to cater to the bank’s requirements and helps them to prioritize urgent customer requests, all while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  • With the implementation of state-of-the-art AI technology, the bank significantly reduces document processing time from a minimum of 4 hours to just 5-6 seconds and a maximum of 30 seconds.
  • The system furnishes insights for the maker and checker process, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of decision-making.


  • Document processing time reduced from 4 hours to 5-6 seconds
  • Provides insights for maker and checker to improve decision-making
  • Data accuracy > 95%
  • Capable of processing a large volume of data within a minute.
  • Reduced TAT and operational cost
  • Improved compliance

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