Business from motor Third Party Claimants

We helped a leading insurance firm improve its claims processing systems and enabled them to get business from motor third party claimants


The customer has been settling the third-party property damage claims of third-party vehicle owners. Such third-party vehicle owners continue to renew the policies with their respective insurance companies and the client was losing out on potential premium from these users. Lot of efforts are required to tap such business.

Strategy & solution

The UiPath robot checked various tools and files from the claims module and the various data of the third party such as vehicle number, name, inception of cover, expiry date, and sum insured including the email address and mobile number. The Robot will calculate the premium and send the proposal form and letters to the email address and reminders through the mobile numbers requesting them to insure with the insurer.


Degree of robotization: 100% of effort automated

ROI: 3 to 6 months

Error Rate: 0%

Manual effort reduced to 10%

Faster processing time – reduction of 50%

Higher accuracy in maintenance prediction

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