Use casesEnhance customer engagement and
satisfaction using Conversational AI bots

The Problem

A leading Bank was investing more in customer support process to handle high volume of requests raised by customers such as account balance, card rewards, credit risk and password resets which led to long waiting hours and longer turnaround time. This paved way to dissatisfied Customers and less growth.


NSURE Assist Conversational AI based Chatbot was implemented as a first-line customer support in their website and customer mobile app instead of the Helpdesk staff. As a result the Chatbot was catered to answer:

  • Account related queries
  • Transaction inquiries
  • Credit limit
  • Pay bills
  • Loan and mortgage application status
  • Change in Personal information

The Chatbot seamlessly routes more complex interactions – such as questions regarding mortgage or loan eligibility to Salesforce, all from within the same chat window. This routing is more beneficial for the support staff to focus on more meaningful interactions that bring greater value to the bank. The Chatbot is a no-code conversational AI platform and it’s easy to design dynamic self-service interactions – just drag, drop and automate the workflow.


Automation of the process has led to significant business benefits

As a consequence, the customer experience radically improves and satisfaction levels also increased.

3X Improvement in Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

24% Reduction in Call Volume

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