Case Study Claim Reconciliation (ONUS Claims)
Process automation for a leading Indian Private Bank

Onus claims and reconciliation is a day to day task for most banks that consume manual efforts resulting in inefficiency 

The Challenge

  • Onus Claims refer to processing complaints raised by the customer regarding transaction failure (either partially or completely) during cash withdrawal at Bank ATM or BNRM machine. The Customer’s A/C gets debited whereas cash not dispensed or cash partially dispensed to the customer.
  • Customer complaints will be raised via branch offices or call centres through CCMGT (Centralized Claim Management) application or via emails. CRC (Channel Reconciliation Cell) department will get cumulated complaints for processing.
  • The Bank had an insufficient number of resources allocated, which was weighing heavily on the staff, generating big inefficiencies


  • The unattended bots were designed to process Onus claims – to settle/reject charge backs raised for withdrawal claims based on transaction details, response Code in EJ (Electronic Journal) and prepare claims proof document accordingly.
  • Our experts designed the Electronic Journal BOT with more business logic to retrieve usable data from the complex unstructured data. This helped in closing onus claims tickets with process adherence and quicker TAT.



Eliminating  manual errors


FTE savings


Reduced  pending claims


Quicker TAT


Able to meet RBI  regulations
(SLA-7 days)


Execution time reduced from 5.5 hrs to 20 mins / day


Increased customer  satisfaction

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