Case StudyCRILC verification - current A/C opening
Process automation for a leading Indian Private Bank

Central  Repository of Information on Large Credits – Customer verification and validation process for any new current account opening

The Challenge

The Regional processing center users at the bank had to verify if customers have any charges with other banks during current account opening, where respective customer form will be available as input CRILC (Central  Repository of Information on Large Credits) and a four step validation is done at the initial stage (One of the  validations for current A/C opening). Result will be saved in word file and printed.

  • Volume – 6000 – 7500 entries per month.
  • For each entry it approximately takes 15 minute.
  • It was difficult for RPC users to achieve TAT on peak volume days.


UiPath bot was designed to address the challenge after analyzing and studying the process.

  • Users manually login to CRILC site, check the four steps and parallelly copy and save the result in a word document where each transaction will be printed by the user. The input here is the form received from branch side .
  • The bot was designed to get data from the database, then log in to the CRILC application. At each step, bot will validate and save the result as PDF file and merges all 4 PDFs into a single PDF. Bot also updates the status in the database.
  • After the last transaction, bot sends the success/ exception mail based on the bot response. If all transactions complete successfully, the excel file is attached in the success mail, else respective exception will be captured and is updated in the exception file and the respective path will be attached in the exception mail.



FTE savings


Execution time reduced from
I5 mins to 2 mins / record


Reduced manual errors


Increased quality
in the reports

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