Dolphin suite on SaaS transforms risk management for a leading British Universal Bank

Client Requirement

The client has been using KGiSL’s Dolphin clearing and settlement system since 2007. During 2019, the client wanted to move the risk management system to the latest technology due to business and compliance requirements.

The Solution

Following a detailed requirement analysis and assessment, KGiSL successfully implemented the Dolphin Web-based risk management system in December 2019. In 2020, an extended version of Dolphin RMS with a customer access portal was developed and delivered to the client.

In 2023, the client wanted to move the risk management system to a cloud environment in adherence to their governance. KGiSL successfully migrated the Web-based RMS application from on-premises to the Google Cloud Platform.

What Dolphin delivered?

  • Dolphin suite to handle the clearing member process with segments covering derivatives, currency derivatives, interest rate derivatives & securities lending and borrowing.
  • Dolphin risk management system for real-time trade monitoring along with customer access portal

Tech Stack

Front-end Angular

Back-end Java, spring boot

Database PostgreSQL

Key Milestones


8 weeks of implementation


Incorporated all cloud governance recommendations.


Seamless integration with exchange network


Moving away from Oracle to PostgreSQL 


Fully aligned with the client’s IT roadmap

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