Elevating customer experience at scale using Conversational AI

What our customer encountered?

The client sought to revamp their customer support services as they face following challenges in their business process:  

  • Chatbot that’s limited to answering simple, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and unable to handle complex or sensitive queries 
  • Lack of integration with back-end systems  
  • Longer training periods for new customer representatives. 
  • Dependency on experienced staff. 
  • Prolonged call durations than expected and customers must navigate through multiple menus and options before reaching a human agent.  
  • Validating customer information before addressing the actual queries requires navigating through at least three systems, consuming time and effort. 

The challenges resulted in:

  • Increased TAT.  
  • Loss of sales. 
  • Increased operational costs  
  • Customer frustration and abandonment  
  • Higher turnover rates for customer representatives. 

What our customer needed?

The client needed improved customer experience with reduced turnaround time (TAT) using automated customer support. 

The Solution

Introduced Conversational AI powered by Marvel.ai with Generative AI capabilities to promptly resolve customer crises with tailored solutions, amplifying productivity and expediting consumer satisfaction. It empowered the customers to self-serve and looped the customer representatives to handle more complex concerns, when necessary.  

By harnessing customer insights like behaviour and satisfaction data, the Generative AI model assisted customers with human-like responses 24/7, ensuring seamless operations even in stringent regulatory scenarios.  The chatbot analysed customer emotions and intent to deliver the most appropriate response to the customers 

What we delivered?


Swift personalised resolutions and proactive recommendations with a human-like experience  


Multiple language integrations based on user requirement 


Cloud-based disaster recovery for monitoring network downtime 


Unlimited user access 

Benefits to the customers

80% Cost savings 

24/7 Availability at scale 


Seamless omnichannel interaction  


Reduced turnaround time 


Reduced customer churn 


Enhanced customer retention and acquisition rates 

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