Empowering a global electronics corporation with technology and operational transformation

What our customer encountered?

Our client, a prominent global electronics manufacturing corporation, faced the following challenges: 

  • Source and retain qualified resources to meet development demands. 
  • Reallocate resources for short-term projects. 
  • Maintain an in-house team with 24/7 support. 
  • Shortage of sufficient infrastructure and workspace. 
  • Lack of a cost-effective team for support projects. 
  • Maintain expenses and efforts associated with technical training and upskilling. 

The challenges resulted in:

  • Talent shortages and turnover 
  • Project delays and overburdened teams  
  • Customer dissatisfaction 
  • Workspace constraints 
  • Elevated operational cost 
  • Skills gap and inefficiency 

What our customer needed?

The client wanted to set up a scalable, cost-efficient dedicated offshore development center that offers continuous support, specialized expertise, and global coverage that can effectively address the challenges associated with project delivery, business continuity, system management, downtime, infrastructure, and customer support delays. 

The Solution

KGiSL conducted a thorough analysis and evaluation of the situation, subsequently formulating a professional proposal to establish a dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC), meticulously tailored to meet the client’s specific requirements. This ODC acted as an extension of their existing operations and provided a range of solutions to overcome the existing difficulties. 

What we delivered?


Sourced and onboarded highly skilled dedicated developers and support personnel with precise technical proficiencies. 


Scalable workforce for short-term projects based on requirements. 


24/7 support coverage ensuring uninterrupted service to their global clientele. 


Fully equipped dedicated workspace with HR, admin, and network connectivity in compliance with the client’s information security policies. 


High-quality support services  


Integrated technical training and upskilling initiatives. 

Benefits to the customers

100% Operational Quality

24/7 Support

200+ Resources

100% Confidentiality 


Cost-effective support model


Access to expert engineers with ZERO recruitment cost

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