Use cases Financial statement analysis

Automate financial data extraction in capital market with powerful ML capabilities to get ready-to-use data for downstream operations.


Approval of over thousands of loan applicants requires bank statement information dating back to at least three months. 

The client wanted to automate bank statement processing to speed up the verification of Proof of Employment, and income and ascertain the creditworthiness of each applicant before approving their loans. Manual data extraction from bank statements was so tedious, especially when reconciling specific line items. These bank statements were also received in unstructured and assorted formats depending on the source of the institution.


Reduced Processing Time

Legacy OCR could not deal with the unstructured data of bank statements. With -an AI based document processing system, bank statements dated back more than three months were processed easily through template-less automation by quickly extracting, organizing, and processing statements.

Saved Time & Simplified Bank Statement Verification Process was incorporated with new AI algorithms to extract and cross-check the required data from multiple formats. The intelligent document processing platform was able to read any new digital format quickly and accurately.


  • 5X times faster to verify applicants’ bank statements.
  • Paperless storage, archives digital files.
  • Credit rating can be done almost instantly.
  • Cross-checking of data is automated.

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