Use cases How insurers can do more to delight their customers and also save on costs?

The Problem

An insurance transaction of sale or service involves unique activities of due diligence (Underwriting, Claims adjudication), which would require number of real time checks across data sets. 

Our client had a legacy core system with islands of other functional systems, which do not interact with each other which resulted in 

  • Almost 100% of cases going through underwriting referral. And the digital portals had limitations on proposal submission or issuance of simple policies 
  • Underwriters who got the referred cases, had to manually navigate through different systems to check on information, track and follow up on pending requirements 
  • High numbers of human errors and omissions during checking 
  • Significant processing time causes missing SLA’s 
  • A mix of software tools and papers, caused confusion and bottlenecks 


KGiSL, which strategically helped in increasing business and assisted them to overcome operational challenges with a foundation laid for continuous process improvement. KGiSL’s Business Transformation Solution (BTS) also helped in assisting our clients with identifying all rules, converting them into components, exposing as API’s for consumption of all distribution and direct channels. Our “User Buddy” concept provided a unified view of all information required to make decisions. BTS brought in transparency to referral cases and enabled process improvement to increase straight through processing (STP) rates. Finally BTS ensures in removing all manual related tasks and making it 100% digital. 


Improved turnaround time to process new applications. 

Increased staff productivity by more than 50%

70% of cases achieved increased STP rates with our optimizations

Faster response time to client on underwriting decision and pending requirements 

Around 50% of capacity at an enterprise level off-loaded, while improving customer experiences and minimizing operational risks.

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