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Mandatory UAE unemployment insurance scheme portal Involuntary Loss of Employment (ILOE)

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The UAE government mandated the Unemployment Insurance scheme in a form of insurance/social security that benefits Emiratis and residents working in the federal and private sectors. The scheme is to provide financial support upon job loss on termination by their employers. The financial support will be given in exchange of an insurance premium paid by the employee during their employment. The employee may choose to pay the premium on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or on an annual basis

Scope of the scheme

The scheme applies to all workers in the private and federal sector except:

  • Investors, business owners who own and manage their business themselves
  • domestic workers
  • employees on a temporary basis
  • juveniles under the age of 18
  • retirees who receive pension and have joined a new employer.


The UAE government was on a tight deadline to pilot the scheme in January 2023. The portal was targeted to be pushed live in 03 months’ time. The client had minimal time to evaluate technology partners hence, the solution development was simultaneously granted to two technology partners including KGiSL. The solution that will be delivered on-time, ticking all the requirements will be taken LIVE. The target was to cover 75 lac policies in 03 months.

KGiSL’s NSure wins hands down

The project kick started in October 2022 with a mandate to go live by January 2023. The blend of KGiSL’s 25+ years of insurance expertise along with in-house domain experts and techno-functional professionals went on a true agile model for a super-fast development of the portal. The complete portal ticking all the requirements from the client built on the latest future proof technology was pushed for UAT in December 2022.

Post extensive testing of the portal, the project was awarded to KGiSL, and the Involuntary Loss of Employment (ILOE) portal was pushed live for piloting in January 2023. Additionally, the portal was equipped with KGiSL’s state-of-the-art analytical and reporting engine for better operational efficiency and customer experience.

The portal was made available for employees to buy policies via:

  • Online
  • Mobile App
  • Short Messaging Services (SMS)
  • Kiosks
  • Banks
  • Exchange Houses
  • Call centres
  • Businessman Service Centres

Generated on Day 1

handling capability

with 2,500 concurrent logins.

generating capability

and reporting capabilities

across multiple platforms 

30,000 successful policies
30,000 successful policies 200,000 policies per day
1200,000 policies per day 300,000 logins per day
300,000 logins per day 7.5 million policies in 90 days
7.5 million policies in 90 days Comprehensive analytics 
Comprehensive analytics  Seamless functioning
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