Use casesOutward remittance

Process remittance information in seconds to complete the cash application faster.


Manual data entry and scrutiny delays cause lengthy outward remittance processing

A bank was facing challenges with the processing time for outward remittance transactions. Each outward remittance transaction process involved a lot of paperwork and manual data entry prone to errors and delays, taking up to 50 minutes per transaction. Additionally, the scrutiny process followed by the verification of transaction details of the remittance was also tedious and time-consuming.


How helped?

The bank introduced into its outward remittance process, where the intelligent document data processor system:

  • Extracts, analyses, and transforms unstructured data from request letters, A2 forms, and Form 15B & C documents using AI and ML algorithms with an OCR accuracy of more than 95%.
  • Completely eliminates the need for the maker process, and the structured data extracted from the documents is made easily accessible and ready to use for the scrutiny and verification process.
  • Provides insights and suggestions for the scrutiny process, improving accuracy, and reducing the overall processing time.


  • Dramatic reduction in transaction processing time from 50 minutes to just 5 minutes
  • Complete elimination of the manual maker process
  • Scrutiny and verification process made easy with >95% accuracy
  • Multiple integration options ensure process continuity
  • Immediate return of investment typically <3 months
  • Implementation takes <4 weeks, enabling fast and efficient deployment

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