Use casesOutward remittance

Process remittance information in seconds to complete the cash application faster.


Handling a large volume of transactions for over 30 banks is complex and tedious.

  • Outward remittance transactions were manually consolidated into bank-wise files after verification and information are transmitted across departments.
  • Various time slots were fixed for receiving the file for each bank via email, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Each bank followed unique business rules.


An intelligent virtual assistant was designed and trained to monitor the client mailboxes and read the remittance request that are received based on the subject name defined for each bank. The intelligent document data processor system performed file validations, balance checks, business rule implementation, and encryptions. shares the files with the bank through:

  • respective bank portal to upload the file
  • bank SFTP location and places the file
  • remittance requests which are forwarded to the bank’s email id
Smooth & accurate information transfer across departments helped to ensure that all remittance-related documents transferred from one department to another to extract the data needed by the respective departments. For this, cross-departmental cooperation and strict adherence to SOPs were essential.


  • Immediate processing of file
  • Improved turnaround time and higher accuracy
  • Redeployment of resources to higher value functions
  • Structured and consistent auditing

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