Revolutionizing customer service with AI-powered L1-support 

What our customer encountered?

The insurer encountered the below challenges within their dedicated health insurance L1 support departments:  

  • Managing several L1 support teams specializing in different health insurance categories, each requiring unique attention and expertise.   
  • Validating the backend system for policy and policyholder information, ensuring accuracy and completeness. 
  • Comprehending user inputs to recognize intents while simultaneously extracting potentially ambiguous information, demanded a nuanced approach. 
  • Handling the complexities of integrating the backend ticketing system for case IDs to seamlessly generate them.  

The challenges resulted in:

  • The live-agent system was overloaded due to high inquiry volume.
  • The outdated system struggled to keep up, further slowing response.
  • Users experienced extended call durations as agents handled tasks manually.

What our customer needed?

Our customer required a solution to efficiently handle L1-support system. Additionally, they needed to validate the extracted information and integrate it into their CRM system to generate a case ID. 

The Solution

We introduced Converse.CX, a conversational AI that redefined customer support with the cutting-edge power of Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. 

Converse.CX excelled in interpreting the genuine intent behind every user input, even in cases of ambiguity or diverse regional languages, ensuring fluid and natural conversations.  

Using ML-powered algorithms, it dynamically adjusted to each user’s distinct needs, either guiding them toward self-resolution or smoothly transitioning to human agents for complex issues. This personalized approach, coupled with multilingual fluency, ensured consistent, high-quality support across diverse languages and regions.  

Additionally, it could be effortlessly deployed across various platforms, guaranteeing consistent support on the web, mobile, and more. 

What we delivered?

Customer Verification

Integration with the customer database enables instant validation of policy numbers and confirmation of user existence.

Case Management

Automated generation of case IDs by integrating with the customer’s existing CRM systems. 

Data Extraction

Comprehensive extraction of diverse data types that provide valuable insights. 

Multilingual Support

Facilitated fluent communication in multiple regional languages. 

Multi-Channel Deployment

Ensured consistent and convenient support across diverse channels. 

Flexible Conversation Flow

Naturally and adaptably understood varied prompts and questions. 

Benefits to the customers


Faster resolution time assuring an enhanced and personalized customer experience 


Reduced calls to live-agents, enabling a focus on handling more complex queries. 


Modernized customer support services for an enhanced brand image. 


Communication in the customer’s preferred language, emphasizing a ‘customer-first’ approach. 

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