Smart AI-powered interactions supercharge insurance sales and business growth

What our customer encountered?

The customer encountered the following challenges during the sales of insurance products:  

  • Analyzing customer requirements and identifying essential user information for their seamless insurance product purchases. 
  • Recognizing diverse conditions that may alter the conversation flow.
  • Validating all collected data through backend systems. 
  • Implementing eligibility criteria tests to ensure purchases are made by qualified customers. 
  • Incorporating local (Thai) language support. 
  • Integrating into Thailand’s popular messaging app, LINE. 

The challenges resulted in:

  • Engaging with live-agents often resulted in prolonged interactions, and customers may provide unnecessary information. 
  • The payment process for insurance products involved additional steps due to separate systems for product inquiries and purchases. 
  • Clear communication between customers and agents was not consistently guaranteed. 

What our customer needed?

The customer needed an optimized insurance buying journey for their customers, allowing them to swiftly purchase a product. This required a system to quickly collect necessary information in the user’s preferred language and on a familiar platform, ensuring a more personal and convenient process. 

The Solution

Converse.CX, a conversational AI platform for insurance, was introduced to empower users to seamlessly inquire about and purchase products in their regional language. Leveraging Machine Learning, it swiftly achieved this while adhering to customer standards and efficiently handling exceptions. 

What we delivered?

Smart Information Gathering

Employed intent recognition and entity extraction to collect necessary information swiftly and validate it in real-time against the customer’s backend systems. 

Multi-Product Purchases

Facilitated purchases of multiple products within a single conversation flow, eliminating repetitive inquiries. 

Contextual Awareness

Leveraged natural language processing to understand user intent based on previous utterances, ensuring a flexible and engaging conversation. 

Multilingual Support

Integrated Thai language support, catering to a broader user base and bridging language barriers. 

Robust Exception Handling

Incorporated machine learning algorithms to anticipate and manage diverse exceptions, offering a smooth user experience. 

Benefits to the customers

75% reduction in product purchase time for customers. 


Increased revenue and enabled upselling  


Allowed customers to modify previous choices in the flow.  


Offered faster and more convenient payment options, leading to smoother purchases. 


The platform can be accessed through multiple communication channels, including the web and LINE app. 

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