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Speed up the operations and save operational costs through automated template-less processing.


Extreme effort and time spent analyzing financial statements will result in losing track of data due to manual revisions.

Whilst processing the financial statements in the capital market industry, the data quality deteriorated when transferring from one department to another. Thus, the client wanted to digitize financial statement information and convert it into a structured format for further analysis to make investment decisions and performance reporting faster, on time and accurately.


Spend more time on data analyzation & reduce laborious mundane tasks’s template-less financial statement processing extracted data from an infinite number of pages more accurately. Plus, it used AI algorithms to read and understand reports of various portfolios. The AI document processing software helped in quick statement analysis to make precise decisions and report performances on time.

Gather accurate data 

No data quality breach while transferring data as all revisions were tracked and automatically updated by


  • Reduced turnaround time- speeding up data extraction 15x times faster
  • Automated the manual tasks, permitting the auditors to focus more on analyzing.
  • Data accuracy increased to over 90%.
  • Data quality improved to over 80%.

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