Transform Your Claims Process: 5x Faster Motor Claims Assessment with AI 

What our customer encountered?

The insurer faced significant challenges during motor claims processing:  

  • Manual workload: Managing workshop invoices and parts & labour data required manual assessment report creation, taking 20 minutes per report.  
  • Errors: Manual processes resulted in data entry mistakes and inconsistencies, compromising claim accuracy.  
  • Limited scalability: Heavy reliance on manual work made it difficult to scale efficiently, increasing the risk of errors and delays that frustrate customers.  

The challenges resulted in:

  • Decreased claim settlement ratio due to delays.  
  • Increased operational costs for the insurer.  
  • Potential disputes with policyholders due to inaccurate claim settlements.  
  • Damage to the insurer’s reputation due to slow processing times.  

What our customer needed?

The customer needed a centralized, automated claims data processing solution to streamline operations, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.  

The Solution

We’ve seamlessly integrated, an AI-driven Business Intelligence platform, into their existing claims processing and insurance back office systems, reducing data processing time from minutes to seconds. 

Here’s how intelligently extracted relevant parts and labor data from multiple invoices within seconds with high accuracy. Inconsistencies and errors in the extracted data were automatically flagged for manual review. By leveraging the extracted and validated data, generated detailed assessment reports in the required format, saving significant time and effort. 

What we delivered?


Generated detailed assessment reports in seconds. 


Minimized errors with AI automation. 


Human-in-the-loop for manual intervention when necessary. 


Improved customer satisfaction with faster, more accurate processing. 


Accelerated decision-making through efficient data analysis with AI. 

Benefits to the customers

5x Faster assessments 

>98% Accuracy in raw data extraction 

100% Accuracy in trained data models 

67% Reduced operational costs 


Early fraud detection 


Faster claims settlements  

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