Understanding Cloud ERP Buyers and Providers

White PaperUnderstanding Cloud ERP
Buyers and Providers

As organizations realize the benefits of cloud computing, an increasing number are committed to moving as many of their applications as possible away from their on-premises infrastructure. Moving the bulk of an organization’s systems to the cloud means that ERP—typically the largest single application—also must move to the cloud. Without cloud ERP, an organization will still be running a significant percentage of its application portfolio on-premises.

This report is based on our experience in ERP selection deals, describes the two major categories of cloud ERP buyers as well as the two major categories of cloud ERP providers.

Get insights and recommendations for buyers looking to make the best choice.

KGISL, a preferred NetSuite Partner

KGISL is a global technology company offering information technology and business consulting services. With over 25+ years of expertise in delivering technology solutions to leading Fortune 500 companies across Asia Pacific, KGISL comes with industry leading experts with deep understanding of software and skills to best tailor the NetSuite implementations for individual enterprise needs.

Our expertise covers business transformation consulting services as well as integration and implementation services that help you get even more value from your NetSuite software. Our NetSuite consultants can assist in evaluation, implementation, configuration, customization and services of NetSutie solutions.

So, whether you are looking for assistance with implementation, customization or just simply need answers to your questions, reach out to us today.

Email:   jennifer@kgisl.com

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