What is

Hyperautomation is beyond the usual Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that brings several components together like artificial intelligence, process mining, analytics, and other 3rd party tools by having RPA at its core.

Hyperautomation brings in more processes and components of your organization into the automation radar by leveraging the latest technology and tools.

Automate more with Hyperautomation and speed up your organization’s transformation journey

The Hyperautomation Platform

Automate more with Hyperautomation and speed up your organization’s transformation journey


Automation opportunity discovery


Build automation using easy templates and drag & drop activities


Seamlessly manage, deploy, and monitor automations


Run the software robots and automate applications


Engage humans and robots for more automation possibilities


Measure automation outcomes for strategic business operations

What Hyperautomation
can deliver above RPA

Artificial Intelligence

Access technologies like machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), intelligent optical character recognition(OCR), and AI computer vision, so robots can read, see, and process more work.

Process Discovery Tools

Understand your environment for a better decision on wisely implementing automation across organization

Workforce Management

Collaborating people and robots to contribute towards effective automation and keep scaling the scope of automation wherever required.

Advanced Analytics

Measure the impact of automation on business and analyse ROI of automation

Benefits of Hyperautomation

The scope of automation is endless with Hyperautomation and so are its benefits.

There is always more to automation potential that could be unlocked in any organization. Scaling RPA can bring in more benefits and foster your organization’s digital transformation.

With Hyperautomation you can:

  • Automate critical and complicated end-to-end business processes
  • Experience a rich collaborative environment between people and robots resulting complete automation
  • Manage automation much better than before, right from discovery to measuring results
  • Access to much advanced analytics and accurate insights
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