Video Assessor – Virtual damage assessment system

Typically, any general insurance claim is being managed by insurance firms through the surveyors where the surveyor inspects the vehicle or property physically & submits the report for a quantum of loss based on which the compensation amount will be disbursed. This conventional process is too much time-consuming resulting in claims backlogs and customer dissatisfaction.

Virtual engagement to enhance insurance claims experience

Insurance being one among the industries thriving for a quick digital transformation, KGiSL’s NSURE Video Assessor could be one major step towards this transformation. NSURE Video Assessor is a video engagement solution for insurers that enables virtual claims assessment and claims processing much easier and quicker.

The virtual insurance site inspector/surveyor can now remotely perform assessment through live video streaming and take required pictures wherever necessary using this solution. All that the assessor must do is to send a web link to the surveyor or customer to establish the video streaming and perform the assessment and there is no mobile app required.

Our virtual claims assessment software allows high quality live video streaming for a quick, comprehensive and clear assessment of the damage. The online video survey can be completed in just few minutes and the claim processing will be initiated by the surveyor / agent / claimant making the complete claims process simpler.

Key features

Web based video streaming that requires no mobile app

High quality videos and picture for precise assessment

Easy integration with any claims management system

Secured to adhere the industry norms

Quicker processing and reporting facility

Advantages of Virtual claims processing

  • Real-time and accurate validation
  • Expedited claim settlements with less backlogs
  • More customer acceptance for remote assessment through smartphone
  • Increased levels of customer satisfaction
  • Reduced time and cost of travel
  • More secured and minimises the fraudulent claims

Case Studies

Enhancing end customer satisfaction through quicker claims settlement for a leading insurance company. 
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