Enhancing end customer satisfaction through quicker claims settlement for a leading insurance company. 

What our customer encountered?

The physical damage assessment process posed several challenges to our client due to: 

  • Requirement for third-party assessors to travel to the incident locations.  
  • Shortages of assessors compounded the situation during periods of simultaneous incidents. 
  • The timely arrival of assessors at incident locations was delayed by travel time constraints. 
  • Coordinating travel arrangements for assessors proved logistically challenging, demanding extensive planning and coordination efforts. 
  • Chances of information leakage and data breach

The challenges resulted in:

  • End Customer dissatisfaction and attrition due to delays in overall claims settlement process.   
  • Increased processing time due to assessors facing time constraints and limited availability for prompt travel to incident locations. 
  • Increased operational costs from additional expenses like transportation and miscellaneous. 
  • Decreased productivity as assessors spend significant time commuting to multiple incident locations. 
  • Logistical complexities in coordinating travel arrangements for assessors. 

What our customer needed?

Our client required an advanced solution capable of mitigating additional operational costs, and alleviating resource allocation and logistics challenges to curb their customer attrition rates. 

The Solution

Introduced NSURE video assessor, an advanced virtual claims assessment tool designed to facilitate remote evaluations through live streaming, eliminating the need for assessors to be physically present at incident locations. Additionally, the system offered robust capabilities for recording and capturing evidences. This video engagement solution streamlined the claims assessment and processing procedures, ensuring efficiency and promptness. 

What we delivered?


Web-based video streaming which is accessible without the need for a mobile app. 


System capable of capturing high-definition videos and images to ensure precise assessment. 


Solution that can be seamlessly integrated with any claims management system. 


Accelerated processing and reporting capabilities for swift resolution. 


Solution to record and sort communication between the customer and insurers 


Solution that enables continuous video recording with the option to take snapshots in parallel. 

Benefits to the customers

60% cost reduction in the overall claims journey 


Increased levels of end-customer satisfaction 


Real-time and accurate validation 


Reduced time and cost of travel 


More secure and minimizes fraudulent claims. 

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