Automated trade certificates processing using our advanced business intelligence platform

What our customer encountered?

The client encountered various difficulties in processing the trade certificates, including: 

  • Error-prone, time-consuming manual data comparison spanned up to 3 days.
  • Challenge in merging data from multiple PDF files 
  • Manual data input & calculations for report validation in Excel 
  • Varied date formats and categories further complicating the validation process 

The challenges resulted in:

  • Managing high-volume trade certificates during peak periods leads to overtime work and increased labour costs 
  • Handling files and exceptions simultaneously amplified document processing errors. 

What our customer needed?

The customer needed to streamline trade certificate processing, minimizing manual effort, time, and errors.  

The Solution, our robust business intelligence platform with ML and NLP, automated precise data comparison between cover pages and annexures, eliminating manual intervention. It ensured accurate matching, enhancing efficiency in document processing.  

The intelligent error handling mechanism detected missing values or unsatisfied mandatory conditions, routing problematic documents to an exception folder with detailed error information for review.  

Digital signature verification validated authorized files, flagged and routed unauthorized ones to exceptions, enhancing data security and integrity. 

What we delivered?


Effortless automated data comparison 


Automated time scheduling for process initiation, eliminating manual intervention. 


Personalised output and exception formats to improve file tracking and user experience. 


Digital signature verification for secure data validation. 


Comprehensive analytics and reports- on a daily basis. 

Benefits to the customers


Processing time reduced from
3 days to just 3.5 hours. 


Drastic decrease in manual intervention and labour. 


Lower overhead costs  

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