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Digitize your client profile update process to redesign your customer journey.


Account information updates took longer since they had to go through multiple levels of approval

The client wanted to digitize client information and stream it into a unified system. The customer profile update approval process was time-consuming. Individuals had to visit the bank branch for the customer profile update process, which had to be reviewed with other stakeholders.

Solution, the AI-based customer support, aided in streamlining client procedures and updating customer profiles. It had an in-built question-and-answer structure which prompted applicants to submit all relevant documents independently and extracted the information to update the change requested. With a suitable SOP, all tasks associated with the workflows were intelligently routed to appropriate owners for review and approval. Internal and external systems were integrated to automatically collect and verify data related to the company, bank account, address, and other information. Therefore, the whole account updating process could be conducted digitally with the AI-powered customer service chatbot.


  • Improved client experience
  • Standardized process
  • Accelerating account update times

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