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NSURE Takaful covers core operations, contract administration, claims administration & automation. It also offers technical and business infrastructure for sales, service, administration, and financial accounting. The takaful insurance solution brings a unique digital experience and transformation to the takaful value chain with its proven technology platform, functional expertise and agile approach.

NSure enables Insurers in being

Transformational, Operational, Proven

Customer experience

Delights customers with tailor-made and innovative takaful solutions and allows customers complete transactions seamlessly and fast through multiple channels.

Personalized Takaful

Leverages on AI and machine learning algorithms to monitor customers’ lifestyle and sends them targeted pricing, offers, and messages at the right time along with upsell & cross-sell. Gradually, customer satisfaction significantly improved.

Claims management

Processes claims immediately assuring solid track record in claims settlement and pushes notifications to internal & external stakeholders involved until it’s settled.

Risk Management

Uses AI, Machine learning & RPA to continuously manage risks without compromising on Takaful guidelines across all processes.

Process centric

Streamlines, automates and expedites contract and claims administrations life cycle with straight-through processing that helps to reduce expense and claims ratio.

Regulatory Compliance

Shariah centered, flexible and quick to adopt different takaful models and navigates regulatory compliance with an integrated approach which includes IFRS 17 implementation.

Agency Management

Helps agents to organize and automate their daily work while providing real-time insights for collections & payments as well as incentivizing agents with on-the-spot commission.

Speed to Market New Products

Accelerates configuration of new products and upgrades existing ones with product configurator and rules while earning incremental business revenues.

KGiSL has distinguished experience in implementing takaful solutions for takaful operators worldwide. In fact, through NSURE Takaful, we are able to optimize technology innovations and implement thought leaderships in takaful business.

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