Use casesAutomated underwriting

Underwriting workflow and client profile risk analysis are made easy with AI driven automated intelligent data processor.


An underwriter spent time on repetitive tasks instead of focusing on highly complex tasks.

In underwriting management, the client data were in unstructured data formats and received via multiple sources. Processing these unstructured data was highly monotonous, repetitive & time-consuming. Subsequently, it was hampering their customer satisfaction as the waiting time was long.

Solution provided end-to-end automation support that first collects and identifies various types of data received in different formats. Next, it captured structured & unstructured data and used a rules engine to perform the required business functions. The smart document processing solution offered organized and analyzed data with valuable insights to deliver suitable policies for the customers in insurance industry.


  • Faster time for completing underwriting tasks
  • Freeing up valuable time for underwriters from repetitive tasks
  • Reduce risks of errors and mistakes
  • Satisfy customer requirements

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