Use casesKYC Onboarding

Automate your mundane data entry tasks and focus on revenue boosting activities.


Incurring heavy losses due to fraudulent claims

The client found it difficult to digitize their onboarding process. They encountered process inefficiency due to high onboarding costs. Fraudulent activities incurred simultaneously due to poor data maintenance.


Solution helped to fight risks and fraud associated with insurance claims data. It could read, understand and extract large amounts of data through intelligent data capture, process, verify client profiles, and improve due diligence in the enterprise. ML and AI were combined to streamline insurance processes for efficiency, particularly in labor-intensive areas.



  • Over 70% reduced onboarding costs
  • Increased efficiencies with automatic identity verification
  • Lowered risk of fraud by 85%
  • Delivered superior customer service at all points of service
  • 99% compliant & secure customer onboarding
  • Increased customer lifetime

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