Use casesCustomer behavior analysis

Gain a deeper customer understanding and evaluate the customer behavior signals by mining structural customer data to create personalized strategies.


Insurers are struggling to Earn Customer Loyalty

The client would like to interact and deliver more value to customers. They desired to provide superior customer service by staying in touch with customers via any channel and providing personalized advice. The client found difficulty in integrating a study of customer buying behavior across various segments. Their Customers have stopped purchasing products because the client unable to meet demand sometimes.

Solution guided customers through multiple stages, from applications to claims, and offered immediate responses and customized services with human touch through various channels. It also aided in user segmentation based on attributes such as demographic data, transaction history, transaction behavior, etc. The enterprise document processing platform played a vital role in detecting potentially fraudulent activity and assisting in efficient marketing campaigns in insurance industry.


  • Personalization strategy which enhances customer experience whilst increasing customer lifetime value
  • Able to up-sell & cross-sell other insurance products which improves sales, revenues & profits
  • Customer churn prevention schemes were implemented easily
  • Targeted customers from varied segments with a tailored approach

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