Webinar Selection and Prioritization of the right processes to achieve maximum ROI from automation: An insight into UiPath Process Mining & Task Mining

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14th Apr 2022
12.00pm – 01.30pm

Process mining assists businesses in understanding the overall processes executed in enterprise applications and identifying the critical ones or the paths followed that lead to efficiency. Any deviations or inefficiencies in the process from the defined flow can be identified with Process Mining.

In addition to understanding the essential paths of the critical applications, Businesses can analyze the most time-consuming processes/repetitive tasks for their staff working on desktop applications using Task Mining. This discovery helps optimize/automate such tasks, freeing the staff from mundane activities.

These insights can enable businesses to focus on process improvement/automation that can positively impact the business metrics and free up their human resources from routine, monotonous, and tedious work.


  • How UiPath can assist in improving process and task efficiency
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Identify opportunities to initiate automation
  • Combine process variants


Harish Venugopalachar
DirectorGrowth Products Solution Engineering, UiPATH
Rahul Agrawal
Sales Head, Malaysia Intelligent Automation Group, KGISL
Dhanasekhar Sennaiyan
Senior Vice President Intelligent Automation Group, KGISL

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