Offshore Development Center

Today, as more and more companies want to ramp up their development, launch applications faster, cut down the release cycles and decrease their time to market. These tasks when done in-house can be time consuming and shifts the focus from core competencies.

This has led to growing inclination for companies towards offshore development center. The ODC acts as a global extension of your in-house team and infrastructure. The ODC model is used by software companies to set up an offshore development center for their IT solutions with a dedicated team and infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.

We help clients to establish as well as manage a dedicated offshore center in India and gain access to world class technology!

Unlock the full potential of offshore Competency Centre (OCC) with 30%+ cost saving from the first year.

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ODC Service offerings

ODC can be set up for any kind of technology

Application design, development & testing
Product Development
Project Implementation
Support & Maintenance
Software Upgrade & Migration

Our value propositions

Dedicated offshore model

This model provides clients with dedicated IT, infra, network support and dedicated resources will be assigned. Our team consist of highly qualified professionals efficient enough to work on latest and advanced technologies based on the requirements of the clients.

Benefits of Dedicated model
  • Continuous business support
  • Cost effective
  • Resource and knowledge management made easy
  • Provision to expand whenever required

Shared model

This model provides shared infrastructure, network support and resource to work for you. We partner with you to provide a team of skilled professionals recruited by your team or utilize the inhouse team in order to meet the industry demands.

Benefits of Shared model
  • Increased TAT
  • Quick team ramp-up
  • Quality focused
  • Improved transparency

BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer)

The model is preferred when an organization plans to establish and operate a dedicated offshore development center but does not have the required resource or environment in that geography. In BOT model we, KGiSL set up the environment, build the project, operate it and eventually transfer the ownership to the client after the specific period of contract.

BOT model comprises of
  • A dedicated team of professionals based on the client’s requirements
  • Necessary infrastructure that includes software and hardware
  • Physical and network security
  • Micromanagement of team

BOM (Build, Operate, Maintain)

In BOM model we manage end to end operations (build, operate & maintain) for the client either from onsite or offshore as required by the client.

Why KGiSL for ODC

Our Experience: Successful track record of 10+ years in setting up ODC and development centers for various MNCs
Innovation from quality professionals: We also have a dedicated recruitment team which can bring in qualified innovative professionals to work for you
Access to technology CoEs: KGiSL has its own technology CoEs setup for RPA, Microsoft, Oracle, Java, etc., and our clients can reap the direct advantage of the CoEs and stay ahead in technology.
Infrastructure to deliver quality products and services: Our campus in Coimbatore houses leading multinational software companies with a state of the art highly secured IT infrastructure. We have all the facilities that are expected to run an IT development / service team
Scaling up your IT team: Based on your business requirements, our ODC allows you to keep expanding your IT team
Back up resource pool: KGiSL has the required source pool for immediate replacement of resources or for placing new resources. Bench will be maintained for uninterrupted resource supply
Location advantage: Technology, talent & team spirit - good air connectivity and large talent pool of English-speaking IT consultants with Business English certification (BEC).
Costing models: We offer various flexible costing models to suit every customer’s requirements, time and material (or) fixed cost model or turnkey model.

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