Free webinar Get more out of your
SAP investments!

11th March 2021 (Thursday)
3pm – 4pm (India)

For many enterprises, optimum usage and adoption of the new functionalities of SAP while balancing the needs to reduce costs and simplify IT management can be a challenge. Today, users are only trained to use anywhere between 20%-30% of the application functionality that SAP offers, leaving a large part of the solution unutilised.

So how is your enterprise going to realize the complete value of your SAP investment?  Join this interactive webinar where our COE SAP team highlight and discuss how some of the functionality and certain customization can provide you with significant benefits helping realize better value out of your SAP investments.

In this interactive session, we’ll be sharing the wider benefits and savings that you can reap from your SAP investments

  • Unlock more value for your business
  • Optimize Business Intelligence to keep your business ahead of the curve
  • Enhanced features and process stabilization
  • Minor customization for significant business benefits


Kumar Kanagaraj
DirectorSAP Practice,KGISL
Ravishankar SP
COE Functional Lead, SAP Practice,KGISL
Lavanya Manickam
BI Project Lead, SAP Practice,KGISL

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