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When it comes to college management software, scalability is the key requirement. Your educational institution needs a reliable system that can easily handle a large amount of data and a huge number of users accessing the system simultaneously.

We at KGiSL offer eCampus, a scalable and comprehensive College Management Software to automate and get a complete control over your daily operations, students and academics management and facilities management.

Whether you have a student strength of few hundred or over 20,000, eCampus comes with robust technology to scale as you grow.

eCampus is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which enables capturing, reporting and creating all details that are involved in the day to day operations of an educational institution.

The main operations involved in college management like admission, library management, transport management, hostel management, and attendance of students can be managed and monitored by eCampus.

The system provides a huge range of reports that help in analyzing and effective decision making.



eCampus is designed as a holistic solution for educational institutions. All features of eCampus are designed with a motive to inculcate effective communication between the staffs, students, and parents. With eCampus, you get:

  • Complete automation of all day to day operations of your educational institutions
  • Features to execute a vast range of academic, administrative, student security
  • Maintenance related tasks from a single database
  • It also aids you in optimizing the processes which lead to greater work efficiency
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Manage and solves the most difficult tasks through automation
  • eCampus minimizes manual efforts by more than 70 %
  • Reduces paper works through automation
  • Save more time that can be used for students’ education

eCampus can be reached on your Desktop/Laptop anytime and anywhere. Our software doesn’t require any technical expertise or infrastructure investment. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to use at all times and on top of it, we provide the best in class after sales support till our customers get used to the application.

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