Intelligent Document Processing

Structured data
a key to sustained growth

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) service from KGiSL is an ideal solution for your data processing and automation requirements. Regardless of what kind of document is being processed- structured, semi-structured or unstructured, our IDP service helps in extracting information from complex documents and transform it into usable data.

Our IDP service helps organizations to automate the processing of complex documents with minimal manual involvement by using cutting edge technologies like Machine Learning, Natural language Processing (NLP) and AI.

Achieve99% data capture accuracy using AI powered IDP
IDP tools are easy to set up, 5-10 X times faster than other approaches
80% reduction in time and manual effort

Where can you apply IDP?

Documents that needs to be processed at high volumes like:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Regulatory forms
  • Insurance claims
  • Loan documents
  • Health records

How it works?

With our industry proven expertise, KGiSL shall handle data extraction seamlessly with high accuracy using one or more tools that would fit the client’s requirement and document type

  • Improve quality using various tools & techniques
  • Noise reduction, Normalizing etc
Document classification
  • Document Sorting, indexing
  • Classification of documents
Data extraction
  • Digitize document with OCR
  • Extract specific data using ML models, pattern matching etc
Validation & enrichmen
  • Run series of validation rules
  • Refine/improve extraction results
  • Use predefined rules,characte sets, Language dictionaries etc
  • Manual quality checks, and monitoring
Data export

Export data for various business process needs

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • API integration etc


Handled with CareOur automated process with complete controls can handle your documents with care at all stages From Input > Processing >Archiving

Enriched data You get highly accurate, structured data that is searchable and actionable

Secure StorageYour documents are stored securely on your own cloud account accessible by you anytime

Quality ControlWe hold your content until digitization has passed QC and you are comfortable with your data

Output Variants We provide output in different formats as per your Business demands

  • FTP files (Excel, CSV formats)
  • API Integration (JSON, XML
  • Portable Database

No capital expenditures required

Affordability and flexibility provided to users with our pay-per-use model

20%-50% reduction in cost per document processed

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