RPA Trends 2024: For business transformation 


According to Precedence Research, by 2032 the global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market size is anticipated to grow at a noteworthy CAGR of 28.7% due to the growing trend of cloud-based solutions and the increasing adoption of robot-based solutions across various industries.

With the growing demand for industry-specific solutions, RPA is taking a proactive approach by developing tailor-made automation offerings, finely tuned to cater to the unique requirements of various business sectors.  

Cloud-based RPA for Stability, Scalability, and Security 

RPA systems can make large-scale decisions and complete a broad variety of complicated, business-critical tasks. And more businesses that already use RPA are switching to a cloud-based strategy. 

Few benefits of having cloud-based RPA: 


Scalability: Easily scale the RPA solution to meet changing business demands. 


Seamless deployment: Effortlessly deploy automation into production with just a few clicks in a cloud environment.


Streamlined operations: Centralize automation processes through a cloud service for improved operational efficiency.

No code / Low code Tools

No-code/low-code RPA platforms have a significant impact on transforming the way businesses operate. These platforms empower users with limited coding expertise to create automation solutions quickly and efficiently. It’s like giving everyone the ability to build and deploy automation without being a coding expert. This accessibility and ease of use are driving the rapid adoption of RPA throughout organizations. With no-code/low-code, businesses can streamline their processes, reduce reliance on IT resources for every single matter, and foster a culture of innovation.  

Traversing the journey from RPA to Intelligent Automation/Cognitive Automation 

Adopting intelligent automation enables the business to be agile and prevents the “brain drain” that frequently comes along with a dynamic job market. Intelligent automation tools can speed up the decision-making process, especially if you have a bunch of factors that need to be considered.  

The strength of intelligent automation derives from its ability to analyze unstructured data, such as documents and emails, and then use that information to drive higher levels of automation.  

Intelligent automation offers a range of capabilities, including: 

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Image identification
  • Extracting intent and entities
  • Text analytics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Categorization
  • Classification
  • Voice recognition

RPA implementation and intelligent automation can be challenging at times even for ML professionals. For implementing new models, RPA developers need to spend at least a month’s time as they must explain to computer bots each step of what to do that includes every keystroke, such as “open file,” “type name,” “close page,” etc. However, this is simple to accomplish using semantic and out-of-the-box software robots because they can observe and copy actions without detailed instructions. This means anyone from a developer to untrained professionals can order a bot to perform a task or accomplish an operation by using voice recognition or a single mouse click.  

With semantic automation, RPA bots can understand procedures and make internal changes within the program to complete workflows faster and more effectively.

All you need to do is ask the robots to carry out a task or finish a workflow, and developers and business users can kickstart the automation development process. It’s like having an army of smart bots that speed up tasks and make your life easier. With semantic automation, businesses can breeze through tasks with enhanced reliability, saving time and effort along the way. 

Chance to transform your business journey 

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