is KGISL’s proprietary Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Framework, enhanced with cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) models which can read any machine-readable document and interpret the content without the need for manual effort or custom code.  MARVEL.AI powers extraction, classification, organizing and transformation of unstructured and semi-structured information to usable and actionable structured data, as business data are the core to the digital transformation of an organization. can deliver transformational solution

Why as your Intelligent Document Processing Solution? Intelligent Document Processing framework is a new AI-native approach to extract data and gain insights from complex documents and images. More than just OCR. IDP can perform tasks that an OCR can’t and lets you challenge some of those assumptions that were holding you back.

IDP combines multiple AI technologies into a single high-octane solution:

The secret is getting them all to work together just right, so you can automate data extraction from your most complex documents with accuracy. is flexible and can be used as a subprocess within your larger automation such as an RPA process or can be used as standalone APIs if needed. Marvel.AI can bring in the right person at the right time into the process, so they can review, validate and reconcile the information. All these manual validations can help Marvel.AI learn, making it smarter over time.

How MARVEL .ai works? can be set up in minutes and it can seamlessly be integrated into your existing business processes.  Once setup, the solution needs to be configured, define taxonomy and train the models within a few minutes. Upload sample documents to train, set your confidence threshold, identify validation users and let AI do the rest.

The workflow is divided into two steps, classification and extraction. Marvel.AI takes a document as input and uses AI to classify it. Then, the data is extracted and mapped to a taxonomy structure so it can be stored or incorporated into upstream or downstream business processes.

Once your documents are uploaded, Marvel.AI auto-classifies them. Then it performs data extraction based on the taxonomy defined. If the confidence level is below the defined threshold, a task is created and the validation user gets a notification, who then verifies the document data on screen. Every time you do this, Marvel.AI learns and gets better.


Configure document type and train the models


Use AI to automatically classify documents.


Extract complex document layouts, text and visual objects


Enchance extracted data with contextual information. offers comprehensive reporting and governance features. The dashboard shows how Marvel.AI is performing. The more is used, the more accurate and faster it gets. Marvel.AI brings together the best of people, processes and AI.


80% reduction in process cycle times

60% reduction in human resources – Free up critical resources to work on higher value-add tasks

3x increase in processing capacity with decreased error rate and improved TAT

Ease of use:Intuitive UI and comprehensive reporting

Works with semi-structured data: text, documents and scanned images

100% Scalable

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