Automation in the call center is aimed to increase overall efficiency and reduce reliance on manual processes when they sought to automate their operations.

As call center associate uses multiple applications switching between them, shifts focus away from the customer, lowers their productivity, and potentially endangers data accuracy. KGiSL combines an intuitive and easy-to-learn Visio-style process designer with an enterprise-grade management platform which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, so that the agent can safely and swiftly update information in different systems simultaneously, without having to switch over screens and compromise accuracy.


Use Cases

  • Virtual delivery centers


    To leverage VDCs global delivery strengths by centralizing automation teams in a few global centers and deploying/managing their virtual workforce in the Cloud.


    The bots for VDCs can provide – Multi-tenancy: complex deployments demand only one central server, not dozens; Multi-robot Residency: virtual machines can host multiple robots, not just one.

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