Use casesAccelerated customer onboarding

Achieve streamlined workflow without manual entry and enable effective onboarding in a fraction of a time.


Legacy customer onboarding is time-consuming, costly, and requires individuals to go through numerous compliance steps.

The manual customer onboarding process in the capital market used to take approximately 2-34 weeks and adhere to stringent regulations. The process took a long time due to duplicate documents, incorrect form filling, and other issues.




Omnichannel strategy’s onboarding process offered omnichannel support that provided a connected experience for customers with real-time validation, identification, and enrolment.

Dramatic Reduction in Onboarding Time drastically reduced the onboarding time. The completion time of the process decreased from weeks to just 30 minutes due to automated document processing.



  • Faster turnaround time in completing the onboarding process.
  • The processed information is highly accurate, and no duplication of documents.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with a smoother onboarding experience.

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