NSURE’s rapid claims resolution accelerating customer satisfaction

What our customer encountered?

Our customer faced significant challenges in managing claims due to inefficiencies in several areas: 

  • Managing overlapping claims from various channels. 
  • Unorganized storage of images and documents and lack of criteria / manual claim distribution to appropriate claims handlers.  
  • No predefined reserves/provisions with manual review and approval process of low & medium-value claims with manual data entry of recoveries against paid claims. 
  • Physical claims assessment by in-house assessors at the incident location and no option to serve roadside assistance to the customer within the claims system. 
  • Inadequate availability of reports for audit and regulatory drives. 

The challenges resulted in:

  • Delayed claims processing and claims settlement, impacting the organization’s reputation. 
  • Customer dissatisfaction 
  • Errors in claims processing and operational inefficiencies 
  • Excessive assessment costs due to the involvement of non-panel / third-party assessors 
  • Reduced competitive edge due to the inability to provide essential services.  

What our customer needed?

Our customer required a next-gen AI-driven claims management platform to streamline the entire claims process, enabling quicker resolution, intelligent routing for equitable distribution, and optimization of resource allocation and processing times. Additionally, it aimed to empower policyholders with easy access to updates and communication channels, enhance customer service, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

The Solution

Introduced AI-powered NSure Insurance Claims Management, a mission-critical web platform for General Insurance. It offers a complete and proven end-to-end claim tracking and workflow management system. This integrated automation system handles the full lifecycle of claims management, from initial loss notification to closure, for all property and casualty incidents in a paperless environment. 

What we delivered?


Delivered roadside assistance module. 


Intuitive dashboard with key information and quick access. 


Organized repository for claims-related documents and images. 


Structured view of reports from service providers enabling automatic bill payment. 


Dynamic generation of MIS reports with audit transaction logs for clear visibility of claim history. 


Virtual claims assessment module replaced physical inspection. 


Standalone or fully integrated system with an improved AI model to identify suspicious claims and loss control by early detection. 


Automated reserve/provision allocation, adjudication processes, creation of recoveries, and file closures. 

Benefits to the customers

5X faster claims process with 4 easy steps


Accelerated claim settlements through automated triggers. 

50% reduction in grievance calls and enhanced customer experience 


Advanced analytics for informed decision-making on claim trends and patterns to enhance business performance.  


Up to 50% cost reduction realized over process automations

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