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Customer Experience Hybridize and automate your customer experience to enrich customer engagement with prompt and personalized responses.
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A synergy of Human & Artificial Intelligence

A human-touch digital experience with on-demand customer engagement via the quickest automated responses. is an omnichannel and multimodal conversational AI (voice & text) designed to bring intent-driven customer interactions to the capital market industry.

Why should you chooseconversational AI over a chatbot?

Chatbot has a predefined conversational flow and they are navigational-focused. It can only be used in the chat interface.

On the contrary, conversational AI is dynamic and dialogue-focused. It provides an omnichannel customer experience. It uses Natural Language Processing and Understanding to interpret, and identify the nuances of human language and vernaculars. The AI chatbot can recognize slang, homonyms, and jargon to satisfy users who want to interact in their local dialects.

Why conversational AI forcapital market is important?

A conversational AI platform in the capital market offers an unparalleled customer experience with reduced operational costs and improved customer satisfaction. It identifies accounting codes, facilitates payments, monitors volatile marketing conditions, allows portfolio optimization, provides stocks, and equity updates, and does a lot more. Besides, the Ai-powered consumer engagement software builds a front-line defense against fraudulent activities, prevents them, and sends warning notifications to banks and customers.

Why understands capital market customers’ intent and contextually engages to help them make the right decisions. It learns customer behavior over time, predicts their needs, and answers complex queries with Natural Language Processing and higher cognitive intelligence. The AI-powered chatbot understands customer data and performs comparative data analysis for effective decision-making. is

An Omnichannel AI chatbot


Available 24/7 to answer queries immediately

Designed to provide a prompt response with technical accuracy.

Infused with ML, NLP, and NLU to redefine the interactive experience.

Get your ready-to-use data in minutes.

Get precise and structured data output through template-free intelligent document processing solution in minutes.

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